Introduction Verra Real Estate


Verra Real Estate is a leading real estate agency who is offering services to multinationals, international organization and her employees (Expats) in South Holland area. In collaboration with these organizations, international movers and relocation agencies Verra Real Estate helps with housing for both short and longer term from his offices in The Hague and Rotterdam. Whether it’s a fully furnished apartment for a single person who spends every weekend away or an unfurnished family home near an international school, VERRA offers quality homes that suit the housing needs of our expats.

VERRA Real Estate knows that moving to a foreign country can be one of the most stressful experiences expats encounter. VERRA’s unique process and experienced team of 16 agents ensures that the expat is expertly taken care of from the moment he boards the plane until he receives the keys to his new home. In this dynamic market we noticed there is also a large demand for short term rentals for 1 to 6 months, the Toren van Oud with his 38 luxurious short stay apartments and facilities will be an answer to this demand and will allow VERRA to help the client even better.

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